Candy factory sugar garnish: How to make Honey Comb 

Im always looking for new things to garnish desserts with and I think I fell in love with this one. Im sure everyone has tried a crunchie bar at some point so with halloween around the corner i tried to make one of my favourite treats. Honey comb is a wonderful, light, airy crunchy caramel that works as a delightful garnish for cheese cakes, cakes, chocolate tarts and just about anything else that could use a little sweetness and crunchy texture

Honey Comb 

  • 150 g sugar 
  • 50g castor sugar 
  • 30 ml honey 
  • 60 ml water 
  • 2 tsp baking soda 

Place sugar honey  castor sugar and water in a pot, brush down the side with a brush so there are no sugar crystals. Cook until it reaches a light caramel. (about 160 C with a candy thermometer). once desired colour is reach, add 2 tsp of sifted baking soda and whisk in, mixture should bubble and foam. Pour the foam into a greased baking tin and allow to cool. Becareful not to bump the pan as the bubble will collapse. Let cool 30 min or more. Once cooled, flip over pan and break into pieces. You can either cover pieces in chocolate or jazz up any dessert, or both. 

Happy Halloween, this trick is a real treat! 
Xoxo GastroLabs 


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