Food Science: DIY Aero Chocolate 

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So I was privleged enough to work with a fantastic baker this year. She was an absolute boss and made everything with free spirited finesse. Working with her i learned a few neat tricks but today its about chocolate. Aeroated chocolate can create a much smoother flavour by allowing it to melt on your tongue with more surface area as the tiny bubbles. By tempuring the chocolate you allow the fat molecutes to seperate and re align in away that creates hardness, shine and a better over all product. 


  • 1 Isi Gun 
  • 2 No2 chargers 
  • Thermometer 
  • Metal bowl 
  • Pot 
  • Metal baking tin 


354g Milk Chocolate 

1 tbsp oil (or flavoured oil 

200g Milk chocolate for seeding 

Place baking tin in the freezer. Place pot of water on stove for a bain marie. Place isi gun in a warm spot, should be fairly hot to the touch. Melt 354g of chocolate over a bain marie and bring to a temperture of 115F – 120F then seed the rest of the chocolate off the heat and bring down to a temp of 80F. Bring back up to a temp of 86-88F. After chocolate is tempured, pour into isi gun, charge once, shake vigourously, charge again and do the same, hold it upside down for a few seconds and release into pan in the freezer.  Carefully close the door as to not disturb the air bubbles and freeze 1 hr.  

XOXO GastroLabs 


5 thoughts on “Food Science: DIY Aero Chocolate 

  1. Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 These chocolate aerobars look delicious and almost as if they were made in a science lab, so cool!!


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